THE YEAR 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of Holt Morris. To celebrate this historic milestone, John 'The Word' Bond set about documenting the origins of the side and some of their most notable exploits from the previous two decades.

With contributions from other members of the side, John rattled out the opus Stumbling Cavaliers: 20 years of Holt Morris. The title is a play on Laughing Cavalier, a dance executed by Holt Morris in a sometimes less than graceful style.

Stumbling Cavaliers received a limited print run and sold out quickly. If this news should alarm or disappoint you fear not, however, for we are now proud to offer the book for download to our fans. Enjoy…

Stumbling Cavaliers: 20 years of Holt Morris (8.4 MB PDF)

Stumbling Cavaliers - 20 years of Holt Morris - Front Cover