THIS TURNED OUT to be the first day of Spring! The Sun was out, the sky was Blue. There was not a cloud to spoil the view… and to cap it all, Chris turned up with Hoppy on their tandem, cycling through at least one of the afore-mentioned tunnels against the tide of about three thousand sustrans cyclists just aching to christen the route, after its official opening, from the event field where we danced to considerable acknowledgement and some degree of acclaim.

The event was also notable as our first under the auspices of our new sponsors Box Steam Brewery. But we were unable to make much of a feature of this new extremely positive relationship, despite the rather obvious connection between their product, Tunnel Vision, and the event, because apart from the name on the pump, there was no visual evidence around the bar to suggest that our benefactors were there, Bath Ales being rather more to the fore.

This lack of connection however, did not interfere with our enthusiasm or our rhythm and neither did the intrusion upon “Shepherds Hay” of the young electric covers band not ten metres away from our doughty musicians Ray and Colin.

We ended the day in high spirits, despite it having followed hard on the celebrations of the previous evening. (See- A night at the casino Ladies Night, 5th. April)

A satisfying start to the new outdoor season.