Holt Morris is in denial about many things, not least that it stands at the very apex, the apotheosis of dance "cool." "Strictly" afficianados will have a more realistic perception. So at a kind of "gathering" that took place at The Mount Pleasant Club on Thursday last, 7th. Jan. in lieu of much-needed practice, the side casually, but somehow formally, arrived at a series of what can only be described as "decisions," relating to both the previous and the forthcoming dance years. A document has been mysteriously produced which chronicles in truncated form, the "conversations" surrounding the conclusions arrived at, which, in other organisations, might be construed as "minutes." Heaven Forfend!

As a consequence of the event, it would appear that your chronicler has been shoe-horned, if a little relunctantly, into the role of "Squire for the year 2016" after the incumbent for the year 2015, Patrick Cousins, has eased himself away into the kind of oblivion that only he can achieve, and so it falls to me, in my first public, power proclamation to thank and congratulate him for his exemplary dedication and commitment to the role during the last year.

It would appear that whilst most things will remain the same, Baggo Ray Dixon is still Baggo, Chris Tunnicliffe as connoisseur beer man is still Pub Co-ordinator, Jack Slack is still The Great Communications Stupendo, our wonderful musicians are still our wonderful musicians, our younger dancers are still displaying exciting enthusism as our younger dancers and our older members are still our older members, a couple of further changes have been instituted.

Stephen Tucker is now our Dance Co-ordinator and Martin Moyes is now responsible for all things "Social." In addition, after many years of Brewery Sponsorship, our association with "Box Steam Brewery" has drifted into a state of rigor, through apparent mutual lack of interest, so wherever any reluctantly lingering references alluding to such association still exist on this site, they may be safely ignored. Whether other things will change or not may become apparent as time moves inexorably on, or as the case may be.

Since our inception we have deluded ourselves over the processes of decision-taking in the belief that chaos is somehow more relaxed, warmly intuitive, organic, democratic, fuzzy and nice. So.... Was this conclave an..... AGM..... or not?