As you can see, we have not been entirely idle during these straightened times.

Jack Slack, our highly-motivated new squire, not wishing this year to pass by without some kind of authoratative input, cajoled us into having a go at Zoom dancing, the results of which were a mish-mash of unco-ordinated, latency-issue-dominated, unpublishable embarassments.

Bryan Baker, to the rescue. He has a friend...

Chris Churchouse is his friend, who is tech-savvy and software-loaded.

After much discussion over Zoom pints, a rejigged interpretation of "Saturday Night", originally taught us by our much-loved member no longer with us, Dennis Brown (see below), was agreed and after individual hard work in our back gardens, ably assisted by camera-toting partners and friends, multitudinous megabytes were sent off to Bryan, for his good friend Chris to co-ordinate and interpret under Bryan’s burgeoning powers of skilled directorial instruction.

The result of all this you see above, and though we says it as shouldn’t, we sort of think it ain’t half bad, especially for a first attempt!

Huge thanks to Bryan and Chris... Maybe it’s a little late in life for a career in film, Bry... But, in the slightly boudlerised words of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes, "who knows what tomorrow may bring?!?"