This being our 25th. anniversary year, we are all getting excited about the more self-gratificatory elements of our programme, our indulgent weekend away centred on Beer in Devon in July (the pun, it hardly needs be said, has no significance whatever) and our slightly more open-armed, inclusive celebration in Holt in September, whilst working hard to get ourselves conditioned for the season ahead starting at "The Longs Arms" dance-out at Steeple Ashton. We shall, of course, be sporting our new bags, generously provided by our sponsors, Box Steam Brewery. We appreciate and welcome the fact that the capacity of the bags allows for the accommodation of both our kit and considerable volumes of their esteemed products.

( Our association with "Box Steam" has reached a conclusion by mutual agreement. Other brewers’ products will, no doubt, bulk out the spaces left in our individual, preferred, kit-carrying vessels hereafter Ed. Jan. 2016.)

We look forward to seeing a goodly number of you, your friends and relatives, on our travels throughout 2014.