Ladies night Diners at the Old Ham Tree Pub, Holt, Wiltshire.

Every year Holt Morris dancers and musicians take their partners to dinner to say “thank you” for being allowed out regularly and coming back in poor shape as often as not.

This year’s dinner, at The Old Ham Tree, was long on amiability and short on speeches – just the way we like it. Patrick Cousins received the Transparency Award from the out-going Squire, Terry Hopkins, and from that point on all your reporter can remember is a full tummy and a gentle alcoholic haze . . .

( As a matter of record, Patrick’s award, in the gift of the squire, was, of course, for his outstanding contribution to the well-being of the side during Squire Hopkins’ year of tenure, albeit that in his capacity as "Communications Co-ordinator", Patrick had been instrumental in developing transparency within the squad, as Terry had alluded to in his pithy retiring address to the assembled company. Ed.)