Members of the side behind the bar at the box steam brewery.

In the last six weeks we have been involved in various engagements. The first of these was collecting donations for Children in Need, for what we think was the 15th year in succession. This year the amount raised was £450.00 and brings our total over the last decade and a half to between £5000 and £6000. This has only been possible with the generosity of the people of Bradford-on-Avon and in particular the landlords and landladies who allow us to ‘Bother’ their customers. This year we were given free drinks in two establishments and free food in another, plus very generous additions to the collecting bucket by all. Surprisingly and gratifyingly we were also compelled to dance in every pub we frequented.

This was followed by two trips to Box Steam Brewery. The first a ‘Brewery visit’, where we enjoyed not only ample samples of their fine ales but also a very interesting talk by Rachel and Reuben about the history of the brewery and indeed what makes their beers so good. The fact that perfect brewing occurs at a temperature of 72.9 degrees Fahrenheit is one that should never be forgotten. Is that one of the tricks of their trade? Have I just given away one of their secrets? The second outing to the Midlands was at the behest of BSB, to help provide entertainment for their Christmas event. This was a very enjoyable evening of singing and dancing by Holt Sings and Holt Morris respectively combined with ‘Shopping’ opportunities and fine food and refreshments. It is good to see the continued involvement and interest that the team at BSB have in the village of Holt.

Finally we appeared as the first act in a folk evening arranged by John Alderslade at the Arc Theatre in Trowbridge. All funds raised were being donated to Dorothy House to support the fantastic work they do there. John Alderslade has kindly asked Holt Morris to appear yet again at the Village Pump Festival in July next year for which we are very grateful. The connection between this evening and the history of the Village Pump was not lost on anyone.

Stephen Tucker – Squire of Holt Morris for 2013