Holt Morris and Bell’s Angels perform Lads a Bunchum at Little Parks.

Here is a list of the dances performed around the village on Boxing Day by Bell’s Angels and Holt Morris. Thank you to the kind folks at Little Parks and Fir Lawn for providing food and drink to Sides and spectators alike.

Little Parks

  • HM – Jack’s Alive
  • BA + HM – Lads a Bunchum
  • BA – The Rose Tree
  • HM – Laughing Cavalier
  • BA – Rick O’Malley

Fir Lawn

  • HM + BA – Shepherd’s Hay
  • BA – Constant Billy
  • HM – Hollow Tree
  • BA – Lollipop
  • HM – Cuckoo’s Nest

Holt Store

  • HM – Lass Of Richmond Hill
  • BA – Highland Mary" (a.k.a. Chicken Chasing)
  • HM – Bonnets So Blue
  • BA - Balance the Straw

As the Boules tournament was still in full swing on the village green, we decided to press on to the Tollgate Inn where, it became apparent, spectatators who missed us on The Green, flocked to see us in their droves.

Tollgate Inn

  • HM – Jack’s Alive
  • BA – The Star
  • HM – Postman’s Knock
  • BA – Jenny Jones
  • HM – Country Garden
  • BA – Constant Billy
  • HM – Bonnets So Blue
  • BA – Rick O’Malley
  • HM – Signposts

Boxing Day Photos can be found on the Gallery page.