Holt Morris Ladies Night is the time of year when we try to make amends to our partners for the many occasions when we came home variously (or all of) drunk, late, tired or broke. So we feed them as much drink as they can handle along with a good dinner - it’s a formula which has stood us in good stead for 28 years and we dare not stop now. Highlights of this year’s bash at The Somerset Arms in Semington include:

Jo Hopkins (partner of our senior dancer) and Angela Nibbs (partner of our esteemed Squire) winning the Picture Quiz.

Tim Yeomans, one of our younger dancers (by which I mean under 60 ), winning The Holt Morris History Quiz- as much by sharp tactics as by knowledge it must be said.

Chris Tunnicliffe winning the Squire’s Shield for persistence in the face of impossible odds - turning up for practice, passing a sensitive, critical eye over our developmental efforts, when his Achilles tendon issues stood in the way of any actual dancing, and fronting up fully kitted at each of our pub dance-outs. What could possibly have been the lure!

Jonathan Nibbs narrowly winning the Pool Cup, despite being more than 3 times the age of his opponent, Bertie Wright.

Actually the Squire’s Shield might have been withdrawn had we realised that Chris only comes to practice to get out of Thursday night shopping- but there again he’s an all-round good egg, so all is well!

(The Squire (on behalf of all members and partners) is taking this opportunity to thank Martin, once again, for organising this necessary, but thoroughly pleasant evening.)